About Maximillion Records                   

 Like many owners of independent record companies, James Begley full heartedly believes that the masses are missing out on some great meaningfull, awe inspiring, heart felt music. With his tremendous passion for great music and it`s message, James now feels that he has to go out and find some truly amazing talent to assist and then present to the masses. 

James`journey of inspiration begins with the thought that young artists that show a lot of potential should be nurtured right from the get go as they used to do at Motown back in the 60`s. James` philosophy is if you work with a young artist to develop song writing skills, vocal talent and presentation before unleashing to the world, you will certainly have a more successful record and artist. In todays music industry, artists are forced to develop all of these skills on their own before a record company will ever consider working with them. James finds this philosophy so backwards because the only artist`s that will eventually make their way up the ladder are the ones that are good at promotion, not necesarily the super talented ones. For example, take a look at all of the talent shows that are now on TV, these singers are discovered for their talent, not because of their promotional skills. Once these artists are discovered, they are then nurtured by the record company to prepare for a successful release. That is what we aim to do here at Maxmillion Records, find the super talented young artist, and help to nurture that artist into an act we can both be extremely proud of.

Today, Maximillion Records is an up-start independent Record Company with limited distribution and only 1 artist  ( . James fully intends to turn Maximillion Records into a main player within the industry. By sticking to his game plan by developing young acts and only releasing material once ready, James knows that his label will quickly develop a reputation for putting out first class material. 

Currently courting new artists for development, Maximillion is clearly in the game for the long haul.


Demo Submission: If are a young act, band or solo performer under 20.

Please send us an email at with a link to your myspace, reverbnation, youtube or personal website. Please also include your contact info.

Only those artists that we believe have huge potential will be contacted.